Gordon Bloor – Advisor to Goldenhill

Gordon is the CEO of Source: StatPro which provides a sophisticated pricing service for a wide range of assets and contains StatPro’s data revenues from market data managed services, evaluated bond prices, index services, yield-curves and complex asset pricing.


Gordon has for many years worked closely with Goldenhill, including for several years prior to his appointment as CEO of Source: StatPro, as an Associate involved in multiple successful M&A projects in the Market Data and Fintech sectors. Gordon continues now in a different role as an Advisor to Goldenhill as he has a wealth of expertise and extensive background in market data business development.


Gordon was previously CEO of Tenfore, a real-time data provider covering both Exchange traded and OTC markets. As CEO, Gordon led Tenfore until its sale to Morningstar in 2008 and remained CEO of Morningstar’s real-time data division until 2012, continuing to successfully grow the business.