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Deals | Launchpad | Outmatch | Goldenhill International M&A Advisors
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Goldenhill International M&A Advisors today announced that it acted as exclusive advisor to UK-based Launchpad Recruits Ltd (“LaunchPad”) in its recently completed sale to US-based OutMatch. LaunchPad is a SaaS-based recruitment automation and video interviewing platform that provides end-to-end recruitment automation and OutMatch is a leading provider of a SaaS-based talent intelligence platform.

This acquisition delivers a first of its kind talent selection platform that marries automation and AI to fundamentally transform the candidate-driven digital hiring experience.

As part of the acquisition, OutMatch is launching the first version of its new talent selection platform. This new offering will enable both OutMatch and LaunchPad clients to benefit from the combined assessment, video interview, automation, AI, and insight of both companies. The result is faster, more accurate hiring results that provide organizations with the clarity, insight, and speed needed to match the right candidate with the right job.

Commenting on the value of Goldenhill’s role in the process, Will Hamilton, LaunchPad CEO and founder said:

“We were pleased to work closely with Goldenhill during this process which has resulted in this successful sale to OutMatch. We chose to work with Goldenhill in our sale process due to their knowledge of and transaction experience in the HRTech sector, their cross-Atlantic presence and their relationships with the key players in the sector worldwide.”

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