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Goldenhill International M&A Advisors today announced that it advised Spread Intelligence in the sale of its award winning Spread Trading technology platform to FFastFill plc (“FFastFill”).

Spread Intelligence’s next generation spread execution and trading platform uses patent pending, market tested technology to empower traders to boost returns while reducing workload. The Spread Intelligence technology employs proprietary execution strategies to generate edge for bank traders, brokers, hedge funds and proprietary trading houses.

The acquisition, which FFastFill believes has the potential to enhance its existing Front Office capabilities, includes two US patent applications and the engagement of the founder of Spread Intelligence, Darren Lee, as a consultant to the Company. Mr. Lee will continue to work with FFastFill to commercialise the platform and assist in the integration with the FFastFill product set.

In joining forces with FFastFill, Mr. Lee explains that he invested significant time, funds and his unique expertise in building an award winning spread trading platform that performs exceptionally well having been trader driven and crafted and refined through real world use. Having made the investment in creating a cutting edge trading platform, but finding it difficult to commercialise it with larger investment banks and trading groups, Mr. Lee determined that the best path to success with the technology was to join forces with a larger company that had a complementary solution set and the market reach to fully exploit the market opportunity.

The maximum consideration being paid by FFastFill for the Spread Intelligence technology is £1.5m, payable over a two year period, and comprises £250,000 in cash and the issue of up to 10,232,692 new ordinary shares of 1p each in FFastFill (“New Ordinary Shares”) at a price of 12.216 pence per share. The initial consideration comprises £250,000 in cash and 5,116,346 shares (“First Tranche of New Ordinary Shares”). Two additional tranches of 2,558,173 New Ordinary Shares will be issued as consideration on each of the next two anniversaries of the transaction, subject to the condition of Mr. Lee remaining as a consultant with FFastFill.

Commenting on the contribution of Goldenhill to the just completed transaction, Mr. Lee said:

“I was very pleased with the process initiated and run by Goldenhill and with the advice and assistance they provided me from beginning through to completion. Their experience and expertise especially in FinTech was a valuable component in the successful outcome of this process. I would certainly recommend Goldenhill to others who may consider an M&A process in the future”.

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