HRTech Top Acquirers

There have been a number of ‘consolidators’ emerging in the HRTech market in recent years with the top 10 Acquirers having completed an average of 5.4 transactions in the past 5 years – just over 1 per year per buyer.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of these HRTech buyers, 7 out of the 10, are based in the USA, which continues to be the largest market for HR Technology.  The three remaining most active HRTech buyers are European.

Seven of these 10 most active buyers are privately-held companies and only three are listed on a stock exchange.

At Goldenhill, we have established relationships with these HRTech buyers as well as most of the other firms who are actively acquiring in the space.

HRTech Top Acquirers

The downloadable table details the most active recent buyers in the sector: